About YOU Realty

What we do…

Barclay’s Real Estate Group works on behalf of our clients looking to purchase or sell residential, investment or commercial property.  We source rental property for individuals or corporate clients that meet their needs and budget.

Our clients come to us because of our reputation and stay with us because of the outstanding service they receive.

Our services cover the greater Miami market.  Whatever you are looking for, we have it covered.
Whether buying or selling your home; a luxury property purchase or sale; rental service; corporate relocation; investment opportunity, Barclay’s Real Estate Group is your perfect choice.

Our realtors utilize integrated technology, sophisticated marketing and years of Florida real estate and legal experience to finalize their transactions.

Barclay’s Real Estate Group was founded by Mathieu Rochette. A graduate of a Bachelor of Science and Business in the U.S, Mathieu’s years of experience in South Florida has given him strong selling skills and the unique ability to identify with sellers or buyers needs and to react quickly on investment opportunities.

Matthieu Recently Sold a Home to Phil Collins for 33 Million Dollars.

Mathieu has earned an outstanding reputation in Miami among International clients – gaining the trust of customers, working honestly and always delivering high quality real estate services.